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Ben H. Swett
Colonel USAF (Retired)
September 3, 1934 - July 20, 2019

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The spelling of English surnames

John Swett of Newbury (1580? - 1652)

John Swett, Jr. (1608 - 1693)

Stephen Swett (1620 - 1693)

Joseph Swett (1622 - 1689)

Captain Benjamin Swett (1624 - 1677)

Total Number of Swetts in Newbury (1642 - 1740)

Swet, Swete, Swett Coat of Arms

The Swett family of Marblehead, Massachusetts

Swett's Ferry

Sweat and Swett Families of Cape Cod

Dr. Swett's Root Beer

Genealogical DNA Test Results

Swett Families of South America

John Swett of Newbury (searchable database)

Sweat and Swett Families of Cape Cod (searchable database)

Robert Swett of Virginia (searchable database)

Swete Family of Traine and Swete Family of Oxton (searchable database)